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Cell Phone & Tablet Repair

We know that getting your phone repaired is of the utmost importance when it breaks. You expect a professional repair service that is fast, convenient, and reliable. We use our phones for work, home, email, browsing, chatting, gaming, and just about everything else under the sun. When you need a phone repair service, you need it done properly. Insurance can take weeks before sending out your replacement, and what about your pictures and videos? This is where we come in.

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Battery Repair
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Here is what you can expect at Digital at Heart:

A dedicated technician that loves electronics and is committed to making you happy and reducing your frustration. Let’s get started.

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Our Guarantee

  • Low Diagnostic Fee

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Quick Turnaround Time

  • High-Quality Parts

  • Dedicated Technician

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Free Consultations

The first thing our technicians will do is speak to you and not at you. We will explain in the simplest terms what needs to be done. Once we have found the root of the problem, we will provide repair options, including cost and time estimation.

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Common Issues We See:

  • Data and backup recovery

  • Diagnostic 

  • Battery replacement

  • Battery Testing 

  • Port repair 

  • LCD Replacement

  • White or Black Screen

  • Cracked screen repair

  • No or Low Sound

  • Camera Cracks

  • No Touch or Jittery Touch 

  • Front and rear camera replacement 

  • Button repair 

  • Water damage repair 

  • Not Holding a Charge

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Understanding Mobile Technology 

So, here are a few ways to keep your cell phone in the best possible condition.

Carry it separately, do not bunch it up with other things in your hand. Look after the battery. Batteries go bad and can overheat after a while so keep a close eye on the signs. To keep your cellphone in the best possible condition, handle it with care, use a protective case, avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures, regularly clean the screen and ports, uninstall unused apps, keep the software up to date, and use only genuine accessories and chargers. Keep it cool and out of direct sunlight. Did you know, if you have too many apps open, you can cause your phone to overheat? Do your research.

Book your appointment today.

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