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Computer Repair & Upgrades

Mac and PC Repair 

No doubt computers have become a very important part of our lives. They have found their place among the Refrigerator and stove. When our system glitches or breakdown we need to get them back up and running, quickly!

Let Digital at Heart Repair, located in Culpeper VA, take care of your Mac or PC. Our experienced technicians have the expertise to get your machine running like new in no time. Come on in and get your digital heart, beating again.

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Mac and PC Repair
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From broken screens to chocolate milkshake spills, we’ve seen it all. Let us help get you back up and running! Get started now.

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Free Consultations

First, we will speak to you and not at you. We will explain in the simplest terms what needs to be done. We will determine exactly what is wrong with your device. Once we have found the root of the problem, we will provide repair options, including cost and time estimation.

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Our Guarantee

  • Low diagnostic fee

  • 1 Year parts warranty

  • 1 Year repair warranty

  • Quick turnaround time

  • High-quality parts

  • Dedicated technician

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Common Issues We See:

  • No power

  • Blinking light

  • Loud fan

  • Battery swollen

  • Charging fort is missing or loose 

  • LCD is cracked

  • White or black screen

  • No or low sound

  • TouchPad or screen not working

  • Jittery touch 

  • Erratic mouse

  • Keyboard keys

  • Water damage repair 

  • Not holding a charge

  • No internet

  • Slooooow

  • Will not boot

  • Malware

  • I’ve been hijacked / catfished

  • Extremely hot

  • hard drive installation

  • Upgrade to SSD

  • Hard drive cloning

  • Memory upgrades

Understanding Mobile Technology 

Keep your computer looking and running like new.

The 10 Commandments of Computer Care

  1. Turn on Antivirus software

  2. Perform regular software updates

  3. Be careful what to open and download

  4. Backup files regularly

  5. Keep your keyboard crumb free

  1. Clean the screen

  2. Remove dust from vents and fans

  3. Use a surge protector

  4. Avoid extreme temperatures

  5. Avoid fully discharging or overcharging the battery

And never let anyone remote into your PC that you don’t know. This is reserved for work and your personal PC person.

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